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Press Quotes

“…Michael Fracasso has an extraordinary voice, a bright, high tenor that can drive a song or float through it…”
— Dave Marsh, The Austin Chronicle (cover) – April 2004

“On his new album, ‘A Pocketful of Rain,” he often sounds like Phil Everly and has written several songs worthy of Boudleaux Bryant, author of the Everly Brothers’ biggest hits.”
— Geoffrey Himes, the Washington Post- April 2004

“Michael Fracasso, one of America’s songwriting geniuses…”
— San Luis Obispo Metro Times – March 2004

“Fracasso seems poised to move to the top of the tier …with the release of his stunning new effort, “A Pocketful of Rain.”
— Lee Zimmerman, South Florida’s Entertainment News and Views – April 2004

“On his new album (A Pocketful of Rain) Fracasso consistently licks the odds and transcends the broadly defined ( Americana) genre’s limitations. Part of that is his distinctive voice, a high ringing tenor that manages to evoke both Everly brothers.”
— Mike Thomas, Pacific Sun – March 2004

“Michael Fracasso always seems to hold an audience’s attention…(he) needs only a guitar and his smooth tenor to transfix a room.”
— Deborah Benjamin, Oklahoma Gazette June 2004

“This terrific fifth release (A Pocketful of Rain) from Michael Fracasso…shines from the great new batch of tunes he’s written…”
— Miles of Music 2004

“He’s a folkie badass.”
— Terry Sawyer, Popmatters

“Michael Fracasso is indubitably one of the greatest singer/songwriters from the United States yet to break out of his regional fan base.”
— Paul E. Comeau, Dirty Linen

“A one man catalogue of American music.”
— Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune

“Michael Fracasso has the heart-melting potential of Gene Pitney or Don Everly… his voice remains a marvelous instrument throughout.”
— Don McLeese, Rolling Stone

“…transcend(s) the realms of hardcore honky-tonk and folksy excess. Fracasso… gloriously integrated a countrified Texas twang with Beatlesque popisms and rocking enthusiasm.”
— Mitch Myers, New City