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“He cooks in both the music and culinary realm.”
Ed McKeon
Middleton, CT

“Michael’s musical and culinary talents wow our customers every time. We always look forward to Michael’s visits and find ourselves humming his tunes and dreaming of his amazing Italian cuisine long after his class.”
Jay Bushman
General Manager
Nothing To It! Culinary Center
Reno, NV

“Michael Fracasso easily integrates two of everyone’s favorite loves – music and food – with his unique ‘cooking and singing’ performances that provide the perfect entertainment combination.
We’ve hosted countless house concerts over the years, and nothing before or since has matched the fun, enjoyment, and interaction of the evening that Michael Fracasso shared with us.
Michael effortlessly involved our guests in the preparation of several food courses from his personal/family recipes. He is incredibly personable and engaging as the singer/songwriter in him conveys fantastic stories throughout the cooking journey. After a delectable meal that brought rave reviews, he strapped on the guitar and harmonica and entertained us all with the extraordinary singing and Americana storytelling for which he’s already renowned.”
Pete Owens
Houston, TX

“We had Michael over to our home four years ago to cook and sing for us and a small group of friends. Both the food and the music were wonderful. He made a delicious braciole and bucatini with red sauce. He made up a mouth-watering fig and Italian cheese appetizer on the spot. He spent the whole day with us–first, cooking throughout the afternoon, and then singing and playing all evening. Michael is a world-class chef as well as songwriter, and it was an experience we’ll never forget.”
Joe Acciaioli
Jackie Shelpman-Woolery
Portland, OR